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Topics Discussed in Recent Cases:

Administrative Law--Freedom of Information Act--Unclassified Documents Physically Connected with Classified Documents May Not Be Withheld Under the National Security and Foreign Affairs Secrets Exemption


Antitrust--Treble Damage Class Actions--Privity with Defendant Required To Maintain Suit


Constitutional Law--Equal Protection-State Probate Code Discriminating in Favor of Males Violates Equal Protection Clause


Constitutional Law--Federal Preemption--Atomic Energy Act Requires Exclusive Federal Regulation of Radioactive Discharges from Nuclear Power Plants


Corporations -Shareholder Suits -Shareholder May Inspect Corporate Records Only for Proper Purpose Ger-mane to his Economic Interest As Shareholder, Not Merely To Further his Own Social and Political Beliefs


Criminal Law --Information-Persons Arrested Without Warrant and Accused by Direct Information Have a Right to Prompt Judicial Determination of Probable Cause for Arrest


Federal Employees--Racial Discrimination-Back Pay Remedy Implied When Federal Job Applicant Denied Equal Employment Opportunity in Violation of Executive Order No. 11,478


Securities Regulation-Section 5 of the Securities Act of 1933-Registration of Spin-off Distributions of Subsidiary's Stock Required


Securities Regulation-Section 13(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934--A Group Owning More Than Five Percent of a Company's Stock Must File Within Ten Days of its Formation


State Police Power-Zoning-Validity of Local Ordinance Depends on Considerations of Regional, Not Merely Local, General Welfare