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An Anatomy of Values: Problems of Personal and Social Choice

Charles Reich, of Yale Law School, has given us a vision of a whole new society in The Greening of America. Charles Fried, of Harvard Law School, has more limited objectives in An Anatomy of Values: Problems of Personal and Social Choice. He is content for the moment to examine the nature of a rational end and, in light of this analysis, to discuss limited aspects of traditional ends such as morality and justice.


The Law Relating to Activities of Man in Space:

This book may be regarded as a follow-up to a 1961 study sponsored by the American Bar Foundation, entitled Report to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on the Law of Outer Space, by Professors Leon L. Lipson and Nicholas de B. Katzenbach. It represents research begun in 1964 under the Foundation's auspices by Professor S. Houston Lay, then of the Foundation staff and now of California Western University School of Law, and Professor Howard J. Taubenfeld, of Southern Methodist University School of Law.