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Antitrust--Treble Damage Actions--Private Litigant Whose Injury Was Reasonably Foreseeable Has Standing To Sue


Constitutional Law--Free Exercise of Religion--First Amendment Violated by Compulsory Education Statute that Prevents a Parent from Raising His Children According to His Religious Beliefs


Constitutional Law--Immunity Statutes-Section 201 of Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, Which Provides Only Use and Fruits Immunity, Violates Fifth Amendment


Constitutional Law-Search and Seizure--AFDC Caseworker's Visit to Home of Nonconsenting Welfare Recipient Not Prohibited by Fourth Amendment


Consumer Protection Law-Standing -United States Has Standing To Seek Injunction Against Practice of Obtaining Default Judgments Through False Affidavits Certifying Service of Process


Criminal Procedure-Plea Bargaining-Trial Judge's Participation in Plea Negotiations Does Not Render Plea Involuntary


Evidence--Statements Obtained in Violation of Miranda Guidelines May Be Used To Impeach Testifying Defendant's Credibility


Taxation--Depreciation-Purchaser of Leased Property May Not Take Deductions for Depreciation of Lessee's Improvements


Torts--Strict Liability--Automobile Manufacturer Liable for Defective Design that Enhanced Injury After Initial Accident


antitrust, constitutional law, consumer protection law, criminal procedure, evidence, taxation, torts