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Recent Cases

Conflict of Laws--False Conflicts--Federal Court Sitting in Diversity Action May Find "False Conflict" and Ignore Forum State's Choice of Law Rule When One State Has Clearly Predominant Interest


Constitutional Law--Creditors' Rights--Civil Arrest Statutes that Promote Valid State Objectives and Provide Procedural Fairness Do Not Violate the Due Process Requirements of the Fourteenth Amendment


Constitutional Law--Supremacy Clause--State Supreme Court Not Bound To Follow Federal District Court Decision on Constitutionality of Municipal Ordinance


Securities Regulation--Franchises--Franchise Agreement that Permits Active Participation by the Franchisee in the Operation of the Business and Does Not Provide the Franchisor with Risk Capital Is Not a Security Under the Securities Act of 1933


Torts--Strict Liability--Strict Liability in Tort Held Applicable in Suit by Patient Against Hospital for Injuries Received from Transfusion of Defective Blood