Vanderbilt Law Review

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Antitrust--Monopolies--Merger of Firm with a Potential Competitor that May Enter the Market by Toe--Hold Acquisition Violates Section 7 of Clayton Act

Antitrust--Private Antitrust Actions Against Air Polluters--Commercial Relationship Between Litigants Not Necessary to Maintain an Action for Violation of Section 1 of Sherman Act

Constitutional Law--Establishment Clause--Tax Exemption for Property Used Solely for Religious Purposes Held Constitutional

Constitutional Law--Voting--Durational Residency Requirement Violates Equal Protection Clause

Creditors' Rights-Attachment-Prejudgment Attachment of Chattels Without Prior Notice and Hearing Violates Due Process Clause of Fourteenth Amendment

Criminal Procedure--Probation Revocation-Revocation of Probation Without a Limited Hearing Violates Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment

Criminal Procedure--Search and Seizure--Warrantless Search Conducted at Police Station Valid as Continuation of Prior Search Incident to Arrest or as Inventory of Property Held in Custody

National Banks-National Banks Need Not Comply With State Banking Laws When Seeking to Relocate Principal Office and Retain the Former as a Branch

Taxation--Corporate Income Tax--Liquidating Corporation Denied Nonrecognition Benefits of Section 337 Because Sales of Depreciable Assets Were Integral Part of Its Business