Vanderbilt Law Review


Manuel F. Cohen

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Students of the securities markets, and of relevant law and regulation, will wonder whether another symposium is worthwhile. Recent years have seen a proliferation of symposia, meetings, conferences, taped messages, books, pamphlets, and other materials designed to educate the uninitiated or to provide an opportunity for debate among the sophisticated concerning the important issues of the day. This, of course, assumes that there are important issues, and merit in the continued effort at education...This symposium does not reach all the issues. It does, however, deal with certain important ones and suggests quite emphatically the need for re-examination of all. To return to the opening question, despite the proliferation of symposia, conferences, etc., this volume will add measurably to the knowledge of those to whom it is addressed and will offer a further chapter in the necessary debate concerning the need for, and nature of, appropriate solutions to urgent problems.