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John Howard Moore

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This issue of the Vanderbilt Law Review is dedicated to Mr. John Howard Moore. At the end of this current school year Mr. Moore will have served a quarter of a century as a Professor of Law at the Vanderbilt University School of Law and will retire from active teaching.

Mr. Moore has been and remains an idealist and perfectionist in the law. This has been the theme of his teaching. We that had him as a teacher know that it is his belief that neither he nor anyone else is qualified to answer a nice legal question until the reports of the courts have been searched for every precedent that might bear upon the point, and until the ideas, thoughts and suggestions found in the works of the legal writers have been sifted and weighed. Having done this, he demands of himself and of his students that then and then only an independent judgment be reached. Unlike some of the moderns, he has never felt that he was sufficiently blessed in his mental attributes to entitle him to ignore the wisdom to be gained from consultation with great judges and writers of the past and present. To Mr. Moore and to men of his type, our law and thus our society owe a substantial debt. His students owe a much greater debt.