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Federal Diversity Jurisdiction--Citizenship for Unincorporated Associations

In 1889 the United States Supreme Court ruled in Chapman v.Barney' that a New York joint stock company was not to be considered a "citizen" for purposes of federal diversity jurisdiction. This decision provided the basis for the rule that unincorporated associations are not considered juridical persons, and that the citizenship of their individual members is determinative of federal diversity.


Protecting the Client When His Lawyer Dies

The problems which arise when a practicing attorney suddenly diestake many shapes. Those which face the law firm are of both an ethical nature, involving the continuance or disposition of the lawyer's practice, and a legal nature, concerning the re-organization of the law firm or the termination of the attorney-client relationship.' The extent to which a client's interests are affected when his attorney dies depends upon two basic factors: whether he had notice of his lawyer's death; and whether he had time, after receiving notice, to take the necessary steps to protect his interests.