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We lay to one side, so far as this article is concerned, the impact of the atom on general tort liability in Tennessee. Such important aspects of the total subject as strict liability, nuisance actions, third-party liability, and joint and several liability we reserve for another occasion. Hopefully radiation will be so well regulated that the injuries to outsiders will be few and far between. We also lay to one side possible injuries in Tennessee resulting from the extensive operations of the federal government in the nuclear field. Such injuries receive special handling either by federal agencies (e.g.,the Bureau of Employees Compensation), or by agreed agency settlements, or through proceedings under the Tort Claims Act. Finally we lay to one side the special problems connected with safety of large scale atomic production and the utilization facilities and employee injuries therein...

In short we are concerned in this article only with radiation injuries to employees covered by the Tennessee Workmen's Compensation Act, and our concern for these injuries is limited to those transferred to state authority by section 274 of the Atomic Energy Act.