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Antitrust--Consignment Agreements To Fix Retail Prices


Constitutional Law--Fifth Amendment-Denial of Passport


Constitutional Law--State Procedure To Determine The Voluntariness of a Confession


Criminal Law--Statutory Rape-Good Faith, Reasonable Belief That Female Has Reached Age of Consent as a Defense


Insurance--Validity of Policy Provision Permitting Insured To Choose Forum for Determination, of Disputes Under the Policy


Labor Law-Closing of Plant Due to Unionization


Labor Law--National Labor Relations Act--Strike by Minority of Union as Protected Concerted Activity When in Support of Union Position


Labor Law--National Labor Relations Act--Union's Duty of Fair Representation Not Implicit in Section 7--Discrimination Based on Other Than Union Membership Not a Violation of Section 8(a)(3)


Securities Exchange Act of 1934--Power of Federal Courts To Grant Relief in Derivative and Direct Actions Under 14(a


Taxation--Federal Estate Tax-Proceeds of Flight Insurance as Insurance Under Section 2042(2)


Taxation--Federal Estate Tax--Inclusion in Gross Estate of Accumulated Income of Trust Fund To Be Governed by Sections 2036(a)(2) and 2038(a)(2)


Taxation--Federal Gift Tax-Spouse's Signification of Consent for Split Gifts Under Section 2513


Taxation--Federal Income Tax--Characterization of Distribution to Employees of Retirement Trust on Account of Termination of the Trust Incident to a Change of Stock Ownership of Corporate Employer


Taxation--Federal Income Tax--Deductibility of Expenses Incurred by Teachers on Sabbatical Leave


Taxation--State Taxation of Interstate Business--Constitutionality of Public Law 86-272