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Mechanics Liens

Hammer-Johnson Supply, Inc. v. Curtis,' presented a new aspect of the recurring question of the duty of a supplier of materials to apply payments from a known source to the debt incurred for that source.


Assets Available to Creditors

In re Jennings' presented the question of whether the proceeds from a medical payment clause of a liability insurance policy are free from the claim of creditors.



In Murdock Acceptance Corp. v. Jones, a deed of trust was executed by Jones and his wife to secure payment of "$5000.00, together with any and all other indebtedness 'now or at any time due by the undersigned'.


Federal Court Decisions

Hux v. Butler was an action by a receiver of an insolvent corporation against the wife of the managing officer of the corporation to recover money improperly taken from the corporation and used for grain speculation in an account in the wife's name.