Vanderbilt Law Review


John W. Wade

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Our theme for this dedication program is "Stability and Change Through Law." The general plan has been to give consideration, first, to the demands made upon law and legal institutions to meet the basic social needs for security and order and to reach out toward the fuller realization of national ideals, while adapting to the stresses brought on by science, technology, and changing political, economic,and social patterns; and second, to the responses of law and legal institutions to these demands. The treatments of the law's response considered not only what has been done in the past and what is being done today, but also the manner in which the response may be more adequate in the future through the more effective direction of law to the needs of the individual and society. For a better understanding of the forces of change and the elements of stability, consideration was given also to non-legal social controls and to the contributions of the social sciences.