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This is the tenth Annual Survey of Tennessee Law to be published by the Vanderbilt Law Review. During the past ten years, the response to such issues from the members of the Bar has been gratifying to all those connected with the project. Many attorneys have told us that these issues have proved valuable to them both as a means of keeping up to date on recent developments in the law of this state and as a source of research guidance. We have been particularly pleased to see a number of articles from these issues cited by the courts of this jurisdiction in their opinions. With this issue, the publication date of the Survey is being changed. We have often been told that the issue would receive a more widespread audience if it was issued during the summer when law offices are possibly a bit less hectic than in the late fall when previous numbers have appeared. With this in mind, the coverage dates have been altered so that each Survey will now cover all the opinions published during a calendar year. As a result, this issue in which the change is being made will cover only those published between June 1, 1961, which was the terminal date of the last Survey, and January 1, 1962. The next Survey issue, which will appear in June 1963 will cover the decisions published during 1962. Because of the short period covered by this issue, there were few decisions in certain areas and no decisions at all in other fields. Therefore our readers will find that certain topics are not covered in this issue, such as labor law, restitution and real property. The few decisions that did appear in these areas will be discussed in next year's issue. We sincerely hope that our new schedule will make this project even more useful to the bar of this state. We will continue to welcome all comments, criticisms and suggestions about the improvement of the Annual Survey which you have to offer.