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Walter Chandler

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Chapter XIII is the forerunner of the general revision of the National Bankruptcy Act in 1938. Introduced as a bill for the relief of harassed wage earners who desire to pay their debts if given sufficient opportunity, the bill attracted the attention of the Honorable Hatton W. Sumners, Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives. In view of the cumulative need for a definitive study of the law of bankruptcy with the end view of enacting a complete revision of the Act of 1898, a special subcommittee on bankruptcy was created; this subcommittee, with the cooperation of various organizations interested in commercial law and bankruptcy, undertook a three year study which culminated in the Act of June 22, 1938. In its turn, the bill for the relief of overburdened wage earners was considered and, after changes, was approved and included as chapter XIII of the new law.