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1. Non-Resident Motorists.-The statute subjecting non-residents to suit in Tennessee for injuries inflicted within the state has been extended by interpretation to non-resident parents who join in their minor child's application for a driver's license.

2. Watercraft.-The principle of the non-resident motorists statutes has been applied to watercraft by a statute entitled "Operation of watercraft in state as appointment of agent for process."

III. Support In Thomas v. Thomas a woman had been granted a divorce in Tennessee and custody of the children of the marriage, with a decree of support for the children against the father but with it a right of visitation in the father. The wife remarried and moved to Texas with her second husband. The father claimed he was relieved of his obligation under the decree to support the children as the mother's move to Texas deprived him of his visitation privileges. The supreme court unanimously held the obligation of support under the decree continued.

IV. Adoption One case involved the choice of law governing an adopted child's right of inheritance; another concerned the jurisdictional elements for adoption in this state.

V. State Seizure of Intangibles The Tennessee Unclaimed Funds Act for Life Insurance Companies,Act of 1961, chapter 325, directs "any life insurance company doing business" in the state to report and turn over to the Commissioner all moneys owing by the life insurance company under an insurance contract "where the last known address, according to the records of such company, of the person entitled to such funds is within the State of Tennessee."