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The subject matter will be discussed under the three principal headings: Decedents' Estates, Trusts, and Future Interests. Since the legislature has not been in session during the year' covered by this survey, the developments in the subject areas of the law consist entirely of appellate court litigation. Most of the cases discussed in the section on Decedents' Estates involve problems of probate administration and procedure; there was only one case involving the substantive right of intestate succession and one case concerning the federal estate tax. The section on Trusts is practically non-existent this year, although one case is mentioned concerning the validity of the tentative bank-account trust and its relationship to the policy of the Statute of Wills. The section on Future Interests includes five cases, and all of hem involve "construction" problems concerning the intention of the testator or grantor; consistently with the past several years, one of these is another application of the "on again-off again" Tennessee Class doctrine.