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John W. Wade

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The requirement of residence in the Tennessee divorce statutes'has been construed to mean domicile. Two cases during the Survey period raise the issue of domicile in this connection. In Bernardi v.Bernard is the question was whether a member of the armed services had acquired a domicile in the state...


Torts.-In Schenk v. Gwaltney the court followed the usual rule of choice of law in torts cases. An automobile accident having happened in Indiana, the Indiana automobile guest statute was held to apply, though the court intimated that if the accident had occurred in Tennessee where there was no such statute, the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur would have permitted a jury verdict for the plaintiffs to stand...


Limitation of Actions.-The code section tolling the running of the statute of limitations while the defendant is absent from the state was construed in Shelton v. Breeding.