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Anatomy of a Murder

By Robert Traver

This novel of a killing and its consequences has great dramatic qualities and is outstanding in its description of the lawyer's role in defending one accused of crime. The author, who has written several other books under the name of Robert Traver, qualifies as a legal expert through many years of practice in the Upper Peninsula; he has also recently become a Justice on the Supreme Court of Michigan.


Groups and the Constitution

By Robert A. Horn

The first chapter in the book, which deals with the growth of the freedom of association as a modern liberty, is of unusual interest and clarity. In the last pages of this first chapter he outlines his conception of the principles of the law of association, which are the theses of the remainder of his text.


Speaking of Politics

By Franklin C. Salisbury

This book attempts to give rough but useful meanings to the political vocabulary which describes four principal societies of today-democracy, fascism, socialism, and communism. The author uses a wide range of source materials as a basis upon which to build his opinions of the proper definitions of the vocabulary of politics, times with flashes of insight. His failure at other times to clarify highly confused issues of politics does not necessarily need apology,for what he has attempted to do is enough to challenge the minds of many men.