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Two sales cases were decided during the survey period. One of the cases, Henson v. Wright,' was an action by the buyer of a tractor to rescind the purchase for breach of warranty.

Judd v. Fruehauf Trailer Co. is a questionable decision which perhaps opens a way for a seller in a conditional sale contract to circumvent provisions of the conditional sales act designed to protect the conditional buyer.

Liability of Common Carrier: Is a carrier liable to a shipper for breach of contract for failure to deliver an animal lost en route from point of shipment to point of delivery? This question was considered by the Western Section of the Court of Appeals during the survey period in Frye v. Railway Express Agency, Inc.



In First Nat'l Bank v. Ivie the Eastern Section of the Court of Appeals had occasion to consider the duties and obligations of a pledgee of certain promissory notes.



There were two significant developments affecting the law of gifts during the survey period. The first of these was a decision by the Western Section of the Court of Appeals' in which there is an extensive discussion of the law in this jurisdiction bearing on gifts of personal property...It would be well for lawyers to study this legislation in order to advise clients who contemplate gifts of money or securities to minors.