Vanderbilt Law Review


Sylvan Gotshal

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Twenty years ago an article on arbitration would have been an oddity in a law review. Significant of the change in thinking with regard to arbitration on the part of attorneys, bar associations, and law schools is the fact that within the past few months several law journals and reviews have had major articles devoted to various aspects of arbitration. This new literature in the legal field serves as notice to the practitioner and to the law student that arbitration has come of age. The editors of the Vanderbilt Law Review and the faculty of the Law School are, therefore, to be congratulated for their foresight in devoting an entire issue to the subject of arbitration.

During recent years, it has become apparent to the American businessman and his legal counsel that the ability of the free enterprise system to survive and withstand increasing pressures for regulation, compulsion and controls would depend to a large extent on the atmosphere in which day-to-day commercial affairs are transacted.