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Among his many other significant accomplishments and career achievements, Professor Maier can count a singular experience which few in the field of international law are privileged to enjoy-that of spending a year as the Counselor on International Law at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C.

The Counselor occupies a senior position within the Office of the Legal Adviser. Organizationally, the incumbent reports to and works directly with the Legal Adviser and his Deputies in advising the Secretary of State and other senior officials on whatever fast-moving issues might occupy the foreign policy attention of the government at a given moment. Normally drawn from the ranks of the most gifted and respected up-and-coming academics in public international law, Counselors have in practice also served another important function-bringing fresh ideas and intellectual perspectives into the process of providing legal advice and counsel to the Department as a whole. In that regard, they have traditionally served as a valuable resource for the attorney advisers and Assistant Legal Advisers in the Office.