Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

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This Article will examine the political ramifications of the extradition process and the need for compromise to prevent domestic politics from undermining the ends of law enforcement. This Article will also suggest possible measures to ease the complications that extradition poses to international law enforcement cooperation. Part II of this Article will examine the facts of the most recent and dramatic example of the politics of extradition as played out in the Sheinbein case. Part III will analyze other issues which have placed obstacles in the path of practical law enforcement and international relations, and the way that the United States has reacted to each issue. Special emphasis will be placed on U.S.-Israeli extradition problems. Finally, Part IV will discuss compromises which might be made by the United States and other nations such as Israel to ease the extradition process, particularly in cases involving a national of the asylum state, without sacrificing national sovereignty.