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The symposium, HONG KONG'S REINTEGRATION INTO THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA: CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES, POLICY APPROACHES & HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERNS, AND ECONOMIC & LEGAL IMPLICATIONS, was held at the Vanderbilt University School of Law on March 28-29. 1997. Featuring presentations by diverse speakers from a variety of places and perspectives, the symposium addressed a broad range of issues. Topics ranged from comparative constitutional law to human rights and practical business concerns. While differences emerged, it was clear that fully understanding any one area requires knowledge of the others: the viability of markets may well depend upon the validity of documents proclaiming laws and the vitality of a people and their freedoms.

It is the hope of the editorial board that this and the following issue of the VANDERBILT JOURNAL OF TRANSNATIONAL LAW will add to that knowledge. Partially as a result of the timing of the transition itself, this issue and the October issue of the VANDERBILT JOURNAL OF TRANSNATIONAL LAW feature articles either presented at the symposium or related to it and the handover of Hong Kong.