Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law


Ian F.G. Baxter

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The Law of International Finance, as its opening states, revolves around "the law and regulation affecting the raising of finance in the international financial markets." Thus, the book is about a very specialized area of finance and law-an area that has come into prominence, or even existence, only during the last two decades. As a solicitor in a large London firm that does substantial work related to financial business in the London international capital markets, Ravi Tennekoon has had considerable practical experience in legal work related to Eurobond issues and transactions and international syndications. London is, of course, the main center of the so-called Euro-currency markets. Most Eurobonds are issued in the London market, and the bonds normally contain a clause selecting English law as the applicable law. As an academic lawyer, who has not had professional practice with Eurobonds or international syndications, my knowledge of these topics is derived from reading. Thus, I am qualified only to evaluate generally the author's detailed examination of the law, regulation, and practice of raising capital in the Eurobond and syndicated loan markets. To evaluate the book from a professional viewpoint would require a lawyer experienced in these areas.