Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law


Igor L. Kavass

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This Survey is limited to law and law-related writings on the subject of foreign investments in the United States which attorneys and legal scholars may find useful to consult for the purposes of conducting research and performing professional work. The Survey contains information about books, articles, notes, government reports and surveys, and Congressional hearings, reports, and papers published from about 1970 through the early part of 1985. The publications it describes can be divided into four major categories:

(1) investigative and policy-oriented monographs and articles;

(2) practical law manuals and guides either in the form of books or articles written for foreign investors and their legal advisers;

(3) government publications containing statistics and other official source materials;

(4) Congressional hearings, reports and prints.

Some economy-oriented monographs and articles are also included because of their possible relevance to legal research.