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Part I provides brief biographical information about each of the five women interviewed for this article. Part II then describes the interview and editing processes used by the authors, including details about when and where the interviews took place and the transcription process of the tapes used to record them. Next, Part III--the heart of the article--sets forth the views, opinions and comments of each of the five women, divided into three theme-based sections: 1) free speech and censorship of sexual content; 2) feminism and victimization; and 3) mainstreaming of adult entertainment and shifts of cultural mores. Finally, Part IV provides a brief analysis of the women's comments; this section is kept intentionally short because one of the goals of the authors is not to provide an academic deconstruction of their words, but rather to let them stand on their own, leaving the ultimate job of interpretation and dissection to those legal scholars who make their living criticizing and critiquing pornography.