Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law


Amanda Schlager

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Part I of this Note offers a look at the rising trend of luxury boxes, with a discussion of what separates a license from a lease. Part II will look at the property rights frequently given to one who "leases" a luxury box and will analyze what interest in land he actually receives. Part III presents the implications of misnomers in luxury box leasing and presents possible repercussions for both luxury box owners and those to whom the owners would lease them. It also suggests a better method for creating and governing these arrangements. Finally, it asserts that because of the inherently temporary use of luxury boxes and the rights arenas tend to reserve, luxury boxes inherently cannot be leased and should be licensed. Consequently, arenas would benefit from the licensor's ability to revoke at any time. However, arenas would need to address the open issue of tort liability given their duty to repair and maintain safe premises for licensees.