Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law


Beth A. Thomas

First Page



This Note discusses the need to solve the copyright problems caused by digital file sharing over peer-to-peer networks and the possible solutions that would be acceptable to both the media industries and the public. While it is likely that the problems caused by file sharing will not decrease significantly by placing post-sales control in the hands of the artists, it is probable that legislative and industry driven technical counter-measures will be able to decrease illegal file sharing in an acceptable way.

Part I outlines copyright in general and how digital technology is pushing at the boundaries of copyright law. Part II evaluates different ways in which illegal file sharing may be stopped and concludes that non-privatization methods of limiting file sharing will likely make a greater impact on stopping illegal downloads than methods which place full control in the hands of the artist. Part III discusses the possible impact of these technologies, and Part IV concludes that there are possible ways to decrease illegal file sharing while still allowing people to trade digital files via peer-to-peer networks.