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First we manage our litigation and clients. And we have a wide range of claims and suits to take care of. There are league-wide suits. There are labor arbitrations. There are player suits, from time-to-time. And you know the Corey Stringer case that's been filed in Minnesota, for example. We had a somewhat similar experience a few years ago that ended up as a ... cert. denied case of the United States Supreme Court, Smith v. Houston Oilers, a 1996 Fifth Circuit case .... We have a lot of workers' comp problems in our business. Our workcomp expense this year will be over a million dollars, just like it is every year. Unlike most businesses, we spend all of our effort and all of our money trying to get people well, as opposed to getting them out of the comp system. We're more interested in having them come back on the field. These are people who we are paying an average of a million dollars a year to show up, and they have to be well. So you have full-time trainers, full-time doctors, full-time attention from Baptist Hospital .... But we still have work comp claims when they finish their careers. We have stadium-liability-related cases, from as simple as slip and fall, to ADA cases. We are one of the few facilities, incidentally, in the country, that has never faced a suit under the Americans With Disabilities Act. We got sued under that Act in Houston the week the statute--the facilities portion of the statute--became effective.