Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law


Yvenne M. King

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In light of the fact that operating a website raises many complex legal issues covering numerous areas of law, this Article focuses on one area that musicians, as website owners, should address: their potential liability for third-party claims based upon violation of consumer privacy laws. This Article first discusses the importance for musician website operators of protecting consumers' privacy rights. Second, it addresses the need to establish a "global privacy compliance plan" to limit musicians' legal liabilities. Finally, it explains how musicians can go about creating such a plan by developing "minimum guidelines" and "privacy practices." ... For purposes of this Article, developing a global privacy compliance plan will be based on a website containing one or more of the following features: (1) a list of upcoming performances; (2) bios and photos of the musicians; (3) liner notes and lyrics from albums; (4) press releases, reviews of performances and albums, and other articles about the musicians; (5) a basic fan-mail list or a fan club to join through membership registration; (6) a bulletin board for fans to communicate with each other; (7) an online store for fans to purchase albums, posters, T-shirts and other related merchandise; (8) a venue for fans to download audio/video clips of selected songs; and (9) links to websites of fellow musicians, relevant music organizations or entertainment sites.