Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law


Tanya M. Woods

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As the web evolves, so too are discussions on how to manage the rights of copyright owners online. Finding a solution that is balanced and that accounts for the international nature of the Internet is essential. While many have attempted to craft such a solution, a model that accommodates the spontaneity of copyright content users and that recognizes the multi-territorial nature of the Internet has yet to materialize. For this reason, this Article formulates a macro-level conceptual approach to building a practical copyright licensing model that could generate spontaneous digital copyright licenses to accommodate the creative impulses of web users and remain compatible with emerging technological advances like Web 3.0. To achieve this end, this Article encourages copyright and technology stakeholders to regroup and refocus their attention in a collaborative and cooperative way to ensure that content users see copyright clearance as a simple process rather than a burden or obstacle.